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Congratulations to 


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tfie C/ass of 2009 


_ edication To 

Ms. Mary Ann Walker 




The Class of 2009 dedicated our yearbook to Ms. 
Mary Ann Walker. Ms. Walker devoted thirty-five 
years to the students of Randolph Public Schools 
working as a librarian. Students of Randolph High 
School were inspired by her because she was kind 
and helpful to all. They were so inspired by her, the 
faculty and students planted a weeping cherry tree 
in her name when she unfortunately passed away in 
April 2007. Also, as a class gift for the school, the 
Class Council of 2009 decided to dedicate the 
courtyard outside of the RHS library to Ms. Walker. 
The students worked during the summer and fall to 
clean up the courtyard and they put a plaque in 
place officially naming the courtyard "The Mary 
Ann Courtyard. " Ms. Walker is greatly missed eveiy 
single day and she will always be remembered for 
impacting our lives in a great way. It is a great 
honor that we can dedicate our yearbook to Ms. 
Mary Ann Walker. 

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IhJfc. aJM 

Seniors in the class of 2009 

experience, spend, or expend: 

1,115 hours in class, 153 exams, 664 
college applications, 2,880 bottles of 
vitamin water, 1,832 hours of class 
naps, 286 college essays, 240 hours of 
dancing the night away, 75,087 
quarters, nickels, dimes, and dollars for 
the vending machines, 12,459 calories 
burned climbing to the second floor classes, 
315 hats taken away, 72 lost books, 1,306,791 

song lyrics that you will remember for the rest of 

your life, 375,004 formulas and verb conjugations that 
you probably wont remember, 13,200 quarters spent to get 

on the 240 bus, 495 minutes of morning announcements, 502 
electronic devices taken away, 330 minutes waiting in line for lunch, 153 
fittings for caps and gowns, 500 parents, siblings, and close friends watching you 
cross the stage for your diploma, 45 pictures of you at that exact moment. 

remembered forever in the following pages. 

meet them all here - 

Binyam Adhanom 

Kevin Aubry 

Marvin Auguste 

Darrell Augustin 

Wendy Ayanbeku 

Cedrick Azor 

Daniel Barrett-Wood 

Augusta Barros 

Mabel Beltre Polanco 

Kenya Benjamin 

Farah Benoit 

Binyam Adhamon 

Activities: Basketball 9-12: Football 9-12; 
StuCo 1 2; Peer Leadership 11.12. 
"/ have failed over and over and over again. 
Thai is why I succeed. " 

-Michael Jordan 

Darrell Augustin "D-Money" "Black Stallion" 
Activities: MVP 9. 10: Clash of the Cla-.L-, 9; 
Yearbook Committee 12; Football 8; Band 9. 
10; Walk for Diabetes 12 
"Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law. 
respect everyone: hut if someone puts his hands 
on you, send him to the cemetery. 
-Malcolm X 

Augusta Barros "Felisha" (Phillv i 
"Philly not swag all day' Holla if you need 
\ome style. ..LOL" 

4 <J\'ando[f,h" cMi^ JbJiooC QiacCt '09 

Mckhelen Alcindor "Kelz" 

Activities: Basketball 9; Spring Track 1 1; 

Indoor Track 12: Theater 12. 

"No matter how hard you work, there's always 

someone out there that is working harder than 

you. " - Kevin Garnet 

Wendy Ayanbeku- Wen Wen 

Activities: African American Club 9. 10; 

Spanish Club 9; Basketball 9. 10: Peer 

Leadership 12; Dance Team 9: Fashion Show 9. 

"You may ihool me with your words. You may 

cut me with your eyes. You may kill me with 

your hatefulness. But still, like air, I'll rise. " 

-Maya Angelou 
Mabel Beltre Polanco: "Mabi" "Mimi" 
Activities- Spanish Club 9. 
"Character cannot he developed in ease and 
quiet. Only through experience of trial and 
suffering can the soul be strengthened, visum 
cleared, ambition inspired, and success 
ahieved." -Helen Keller 

Kevin Aubry 
Activities: Football. 

"Try not to become a man of success, but rather 
try to become a man of value. " 
-Albert Einstein 

Kenya Benjamin "KeKen" 
Activities: Class Council 12: Amnesty 

"You can become truly accomplished at 
something you love. Instead, pursue the things 
you love doing, and do them well that people 
cant take their eyes off you. " 
-Maya Angelou 

Marvin Auguste 

Activities Football 9-12: Basketball 12. 

Daniel Barrett- Wood Danny " 
Activities: Soccer 1 1 
Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days 
may be long upon the land which the Lord, thy 
God givelh thee. " 

-Exodus 20:12 

Farah Benoit 

Attaints: Robotics Club 1 1 : Winter Track 10. 
7 believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. 
I am surrounded by angels, but I call them 
friends. " 

-Aizabel Parinas 

Matthew Beren 

Mark Berenguer 

Guernsy Bernadeau 

Lorrie-Mic Bertrand 

Sandra Binjour 

Raven Bonaparte-Williams 

James Brandao 

Pamela Butz 

Steven Cao 

Cassandra Cardoza 

Marvin Celestin 

Samuel Chege 

Matthew Beren "Beren" 
Activities: Communications 10.11,12. 

Sandra Binjour 

Activities: Class Council 10.1 1: StuCo 9-12; 
Jazz Band 12; Peer Leadership 12; GSA 10; 

"You can 't be old and wise if you don 't live 
young and crazy- " 


Mark Berenguer 

Activites: Baseball; Wrestling 1 1.12. 
"Even the impossible is possible. " 

Raven Bonaparte-Williams "Rae -Rae" 
Activities: Soccer 11.12; Softball 10. 
"Strong people make as many mistakes as weak 
people. Difference is that strong people admit 
their mistakes, laugh at them, learn from them. 
That is how they became strong. " 
-Mohandas Gandhi 

Cassandra Cardoza "Twitch" 
Activities: Basketball 10; Track and Field 1 1. 
1 2: Basketball 12. 

"1 know looking back at this yearbook in a few 
years I'm going to laugh at all the things 1 cried 
over and cry over all the laughs. " 

Guernsy Bernadeau "Guernz" 

Activites: Step Squad 1 1 ; Peer Leadership 12; 

Clash of the Classes 1 1; Spanish Club 12. 

"I am the gate: whoever enters through me will 

be saved. " 

-John 10:9 

James Brandao "Ban Simpson" 
Activites: Basketball 9. 

"Trying to figure someone out is like trying to 
draw a self portrait with no reference. I've tried 
it. Didn't work. Have you tried it?" 
-James B. 

Lorrie-Mic Bertrand "Lorz" "Pepz" 
Activites: African American 9; StuCo 1 1 . 
"Those who care don 't matter and those who 
don I care matter. " 

Pamela Jeanne Butz "PJ" 
Activities: Soccer 9-12; Gymnastics 9; 
Swimming 10-12; Spring Track 9-12; StuCo 9- 
12; Class Council 9-12; NHS 11.12: Chorus 
(Piano Accompanist) 1 1.12: Band 9-12. 
"To upathed waters, undreamed shores... " 

-William Shakespeare 

Samuel Chege "Sam" 
Activities: Spring Track 11,12. 

QuxJ:ife...Q U .x<y i u 

Ruby Cheung 

Ashley Cole 

Briana Cooper 

Samantha Cox 

Shreya Divatia 

Kirstin Doane 

Gregor Dodard 

Doreen Dorvilus 

Ron Dorleans 

Leonard Dunn-Gordon 

Brandon Dryer 

Amy Duong 

Ruby Cheung "Rubster." "Ruby Tuesday" 
Activities: Swim Team; Soccer: Cross Country; 

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it 
happened. " 

-Dr. Seuss 

Shreya Divatia 

Activities: Band 9.10.12; NHS 11.12; Best 

Buddies 9-11. 

"Some people come into our lives anil quickly 

go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints 

on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same. 


^A'anJofbH cJiiijH SdlooCQiadc '09 

Briana Cooper "Bri" 
Activities: Peer Mediation 12; Leaders are 
Readers 12. 
"Treat others the way you want to be treated. " 

Gregor Dodard "Greg" 

Activities: StuCo 12; Soccer 9-12: Track 12; 

Peer Mediation 12; Class Council 12; Yearbook 

Committee 12. 

"People always say they wish they knew then 

what they know now. Well I know what they 

wish they knew. " 


Brandon Dryer "Brandie" 

Activities: Spanish Club 9.10: Baseball 10: 

Environmental Club 9. 

"Go. I will. Good relations with the Wookies. I 

have. " 


Samantha Cox "Sam" 
Activities: StuCo 12. 

"Dream like you'll live forever, but Inr each 
moment as if it s your last. ' 
-James Dean 

Doreen Dorvilus "Dorey" "D-Riz" 
Activities: StuCo 10-12: Spanish Club 9.10: 
Clash of the Classes 9-11; African American 
Club 10.1 1 : Yearbook Committee 12: Peer 
Leadership 1 2: Class Council 9-12 
"There never was a great len-e that was not 
followed by a great hatred ' 

Amy Duong 

Activities: Photography Oub 9; Asian Club *• 

"What turns out to be the right thing to do 
one is often the wrong thing with 


Olaedo Ekechukwu 

Melanie Eisner 

Justin Epps 

Mark Estremera 

Kayla Evans 

Erik Fernald 

Matthew Fitzgerald 

Amar Gamble 

Joseph George 

Sarah Georges 

Sasha Georges 

Nora Catherine Ghishairi 

Olaedo Ekechukwu Laedz" 
Activities: Baskelball 9. 10: Cheerleading 
11.12: Track 12: Powderpuff 12: Drama Club 9. 
10; African American Club 9-11: Yearbook 
Committee 12; Spanish Club 9. 1 1. 12. 
"Stay at the top of the mountain where the sky's 
the limit. Don't stay at the bottom of the 
mountain and allow your eyesight to be 
limited. " 

-Charlene Ekechukwu 

Nlelanie Eisner Mel Mele 
Activities: StepTeam 10: Acapella 10.11. 
"A big tuft of hair trailing behind won t mailer a 
bit. What you got growing ihere is a miracle. 
Strength is blooming on lop. honey, and you're 
what we call gifted." 

-M. White 

Sarah Georges 

Activities: Book Club 11: Drama Club 10: 
Volleyball Club 1 1 : Leaders are Readers 11.12. 
"Maybe there's beauty in good-bye. " 
-The Veronicas 

Matthew Fitzgerald Filzy" 
Activities Communications 10-12. 
"Thanks for coming." 

-Matt Fitzgerald 

Sasha Georges 

Activities: Book Club 10.1 1: Drama Club 10; 
Volleyball 12: Leaders are Readers 12 
7 wanna live like music. " 
-Alexz Johnson 

Mark Estremera Mark\ 
Activities- Indoor Track. 
"Earn it. " 

-Eric Estremera 
Amar Gamble Rama" "Happy Feet""A-Mar" 
llfllMll Football 10-12; Basketball 9-12: 
Spring Track: Yearbook Committee 12: Peer 
Leadership; Class Council. 
"Today is the tomorrow we worried about 

-Fortune Cookie 
Nora Catherine Ghishairi Arabian Princess" 
Activities- StuCo. Cheerleading. Yearbook 
Committee. Senior Video. & Police Academy 12. 
"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence 
b\ each experience in which we really stop to 
look fear in the face. the things you think you 
cannot do. " 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Ou> Jtf* ... lft« T/«n ... 7 


9 v 

Gabrielle Gilman 

Amanda Grogan 

Giovannv Gustave 

Christopher Hammond 

Porshe Hill 

Anthony Holland 

Kathleen Hong 

Rachel Humitz 

Jenny Huynh 

Randy Huynh 

Melissa Itzkowitz 

Crystopher Jackson 

Gabrielle Gilman Gabb> Gabz 
Activities StuCo 10. 1 1.12: Yearbook Video 
12: Cheerleading 9-12: Spring Track 9.10. 
"Some days you are the bug. and some days you 
are the windshield. " 

-Gabby Gilman 
Porsche Hill Kitty 

Activities Asian Club 10-12: Robotics 12: 
AmmeClub 10.12. 
"I owe my success to having listened 
respectfully to the very best advice, and then 
going away and doing the exact oppi 

Jinny Huynh 

Activities Winter Track 10: Cheerleading 1 1. 
12: Asian Club 10-12. Class Council 9-11: 
"Be a fruit loop in a world of cheerios. " 

8 <J?andolj>h d+iah £Ju>oi s_ 

Amanda Grogan 

Don l regret something that once made you 
smile. " 


Anthony Holland 

Activities: Robotics Club 9-12. 

Giovannv Gustave Manentes" 
"Sometimes your nearness lakes my breath 
away, and all the things I want to say can find 
no voice. Then in silence. I can only hope, my 
eyes will speak my heart. ~ 

-Giovannv Gustave 

Kathleen Hong K-leen" 

Activities Asian Dub 9: StuCo 11.12: Class 

Council 12: Powderpuff 12. 

Melissa Itzkowitz 

Activities: Mock Trial 9-10: Drama Club 10-12 
Photoeraphv Club 9-12: NHS 10-12: StuCo 10- 

"Probably my worst quality is that I get very 
passionate about what I think is right. ' 
-Hillarv Clinton 

Rachel Hunritz 

Activities Cheerleading 10-12; Senior Class 
Video 12: School Store 12: Communjcaoons 
12; Journalism Club 12. 
'In order to be irreplaceable you must armayx 
be different.' 

-CoCo Chanel 

Crvstopher Jackson - CJ" 

Activities Basketball 10-12: Football 9. 12. 





Ketty Jean 

Kimron John 

Andrew Jones 

E. Alvire Joseph 

Sophia Karanja 

Melanie Kwong 

Mindy Kwong 

Josue LaBranche 

Leonardy Lauture 

Anh he 

Michelle Leung 

Rhiannon Loonie 

Sophia Karanja 

Activities. Book Club; Leaders are Readers; 
Chess Club; Peer Leadership; Track and Field. 
"Twenty years from now you will be more 
dissappoinied by the things that you didn 't do 
than the ones you did do, so Explore. Dream. 
Discover. " 

-Mark Twain 

Leonardy Lauture "Leo-Snack Attack" 
"Buy something. " 

- Leonardy Lauture 

Kimron John 

Activities: Soccer 9-1 1. Photography Club 12; 
Senior Video 12; Yearbook Committee 12. 
"We are made wise not by the recollection of 
our past, but by the responsibility of our 
future. " 

Melanie Kwong "Mel" 
Activities: Class Council 11,12; StuCo 12; 
Photography Club 11.12; Powderpuff 11-12; 
Yearbook Committee 12; Asian Club 10-12. 
"Do not go where the path may lead. Go 
instead where there is no path and leave a trail. 

Anh Le 

Activities: Asian Club 9-12; Class Council 9- 
12; NHS 11-12; Peer Leadership 10-12. SluCo 
9-12; Tennis 9; Math Team 10-12. 
"Success is to be measured not by the position 
that one has reached in life but by the obstacles 
which he overcame." 

Andrew Jones "Drew" 

Activities: Communications Club 12; Football 


"My attitude is that if you push me toward 

something that you think is a weakness, than I 

will turn that percieved weakness into a 

strength. " 

-Michael Jordan 
Mindy Kwong 

Activities: Class Council 9-12; StuCo 11-12; 
Band 9-12: Tutoring 12; Powderpuff 1 1,12. 
" Most of the important things in the world have 
been accomplished by people who have kept on 
trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. " 

- Dale Carnegie 
Michelle Leung 

Activities: Asian Club 9-12; Basketball 9-12; 
Photography Club 10-12; Peer Mediation 10-12. 
"I am always doing thai which I can not do, in 
order that I max learn how to do it. " - Picasso 

E. Alvire Joseph "Alley" "Msgoalgetter" 

Activities: Spring Track 12; Soccerl2; Youth 

Speak Leader 12; Winter Track 12; Police 


"My theory is that if you look confident you can 

pull of anything... " 

-Jessica Alba 

Rhiannon Loonie "Rina" 
Activities: Cross Country 9-12; Winter Track 
10, 1 1; Spring Track 9; Class Council 10. 
7/ moves us all through despair and hope 
through faith and love, till we find our place on 
the path unwinding, in the circle, the circle of 
life. " 


i<y a 


Rebeccah MacKinnon 

Tina Mata 

Conilla Mbengam 

Gerard McDonald 

Randall Menard 

Andrew Messere 

Betsy Michel 

Devynn Michel 

Erby Michel 

Bryan Miranda 

Shawn Mirville 

Debbie Mondesir 

Rebeccah Mackinnon Beccah" 
Actnities: Class Council 9.1 1.12: SluCo 11.12; 
Malh Team 9- 1 2; Tennis 9- 1 2: Band 9. 1 0. 1 2. 
"When words fail, music speaks' 

Randall Menard "Pooh Bear' 
"Families are the compass that guide us. They 
are inspiration to reach great heights, and 
comfort when we occasionally father. ~ 
-Brad Henr> 

Krb> Michel Bebe" 
Activities: Cheerleading 12: Yearbook 
Committee 12: Spanish Club 10: Track 9: 
African American Club 9.10. 

Tina Mata T Tona" Tbabv " 

Activities: Soccer 10-12; Peer Leadership 

11.12:StuCo 11.12 Youth Speak 12. Basketball 

9-12; Softball: 9-12: Peer Mediation 12; 

Powderpuff 11.12. 

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll 

die today: " 

-James Dean 

Andrew Messere 

Activities Peer Mediation 12: Robotics Club 9- 
12: Spanish Club 9.10. 
7 think everybody should like everybody: " 
-Andy Warhol 


^anAoCpd cHufi SJtool ' &ia<rft '09 

Conilla Mbengam C 
Activities Peer Mediation: Best Buddies: 
Soccer. Spring Track: Winter Tract Swim 
Team. African American Club. 
To be successful in life you must deal with 
obstacles, set high standards, and fight for your 
beliefs. No matter what life throws, hcnr 
patience to overcome them. " 

Betsy Michel Ben" "Berbe" 
Activities African American Club 9: Spanish 
Club 9: Drama Club 9; Track 9: Cneerieading 
12: Yearbook Committee 12: Powderpuff 12. 

Shawn Minille 

Activities: Football 10-12; African American 

Club 9. 

Gerard McDonald C - 

Activities: StuCe 9-12: Cross Country 

Winter Track 10-12: Baseball 9- i 

To give anything less that your best is to 

sacrifice the gift " 

- > . E Prefonodne 

Devynn Michel 

Activities Football 9: Basketball 10-. Peer 

Mediation 10. 

Debbie Mondesir "Debz" 

Acthiaes: Drama Club 9; SALS 10: Soccer 

IO.H:VoUeybau 1 1 : Powderpuff 1 1 . 

"A mature person is one who is abie : 

objective even when deeply stirred emotionally. 

who has learned that there is both good and bad 

in all people." 

-Eleanor Rooseveh 

Johnny Nguyen 

Sapphire Nguyen 

Thanh Nguyen 

Tuyet Nguyen 

Amy Nwaobasi 

Tihara O'Brien 

Arinzechukwu Odimegwu 

Mariah Olivenza 

Meghan Morrill 

Activities: Basketball Ml; Softball 9.10: 
StuCo 10-12; Yearbook Committee 12: 
Powderpuff 11.12. 

"It's amazing how many cares disappear when 
you decide not to be something, but someone. " 
•Coco Chanel 

Amy Nwaobasi " Aimz" 

Activities: Basketball 10.1 1: African American 

Club 10: Class Council 12. 

"Motivation is afire from within. If someone 

else tries to light that fire under you. chances 

are it will bum very briefly. " 

-Stephen R. Covey 

Kevin Murphy 

Activities: StuCo 9-12: Drama Club 9- 1 2: NHS 
10-12: School Improvement Council 10-12: 
Mock Trial 9.10: Band 9-10: Spring Track 9. 
"Be true to your work, your word, and your 

-Henry David Thoreau 
Sapphire Nguyen "Sapphy" 
Activites: Asian Club 9- 1 2: Amnesty 
International 9: Clash of the Classes 1 1 : 
Environmental 9.10: Photography Club 9-12: 
PowderpufT 11.12. 

"You can 't put a limit on anything.the more you 
dream, the farther you gel. " 

-Michael Phelps 
Tihara O' Brien "TT" 

Activites: Cheerleading 12: Communications 12: 
Step Team 1 1 : Video Yearbook 12. 

Christopher Nei "Cboy" 

Activities: Football 9: StuCo 9. Basketball 10. 

Thanh Nguyen "Mr. Snuggles" 

Activities: Asian Club 9-12: Drama Club 12: 

Tennis 10.11. 

Tuyet Nguyen "Noogie" 
Activities: Leaders are Readers 1 2: Volleyball 

"They may forget what you said, but they will 
never forget how you made them feet " 
-Carl W. Buechner 

Mariah Olivenza "Yaya" 
Activities: Basketball 9.10: Communications 
Club 12: School Store 12: Yearbook Committee 

"I'm done for now, so one for now - possibly 
forever. We had fun together. But like all good 
things, we must come to an end. Please show 
the same love to my friends. Dear summer. " 

Our j!if c ... cu <y* 

Ebubechukwu Onujiogu 

Cliff Orelus 

Grace Parker 

Ellis Percy 

Harry Pham 

Kathy Phan 

Joseph Pina 

Ashley Pires 

Jonathan Pomales 

Lindsay Porper 

Kendrick Prinston 

Ahir Ramos 


Harry Pham "Mr Noodlez" 
Activities: Asian Club. 
"That's wltat she said. " 

- Bobby Hill 

Jonathan Pomales "Jonny" 

Activities: Communications 1 2; School Store 


'And in the end, it's not the years in your life 

that counts. It's the life in your years. " 

- Abraham Lincoln 

Kathy Phan 

Activities: StuCo 9-12; Asian Club 9.12; 
Cheerleading 11-12; Class Council. 
"Being grown up isn't as fun as growing up: 
these are the best days of our lives. The only 
thing that matters is following your heart; 
eventually you 'II get it right. " 

Lindsay Porper. Lino's 
Activities: Cheerleading 9-12. 


^'anJofyd ^iad School ' QiacL '09 

Grace Parker 

Activities: StuCo 9-12; Drama Club 9-12; SAC 

9-12; Class Council 9-12 

"As someone told me lately, everyone desenes 

a chance toflv. " 

Joseph Pina "Broseph" 
Activities: SADD 10. 1 1; Jazz Band 11.12. 

Kendrick Prinston "Globes" "Glober" 
Activities: Football 10; Math Team 11; StuCo 

" The best thing about hitting rock bottom is 
knowing that you can only go up. " 

Ellis Percy Ghana' 

AcminVs Soccer 11.12; Track 11.12. 

"What really matters is what you do with what 

vou have. " 

- H.G. Wells 

Ahir Ramos Brazil" "Goor 

Activities: Swimming 9; Asian Club 10.12; 

Yearbook Committee 12. 

"If at first you don't succeed, try. try again. 

Then quit. So use being a fool about it. ' 

1 FT — T^ 

I 4 


^H ^^^^^^^^i 


Jessica Rateau 

Monique Reid 

Casey Rhinehart 

Shannon Rhinehart 

Yosemite Riley 

Taniesha Riley 

Robert Rodrigues 

Monica Rosenburg 

Jannai Ruffin 

Zachary Saint Paul 

Danilson Santos 

Jessica Seeto 

Jessica Rateau "Jess" 

Activities: African American Club 10,1 1; 

Drama Club 10. 

"In the end, we will conserve only what we love. 

we will love only what we understand, we will 

understand only what we are taught. " 

- Baba Dioum 
Yosemite Riley "YoYo" 

Activities: African American Club 9; Peer 

Leadership 10-12; Yearbook Committee 12; 

Step Team 10, 1 1; Class Council 12; 


"The Lord God gave you a body that can stand 

most anything, it's your mind you have to 

convince. " 

- Vincent Lombardi 

Monique Reid "MoMo" 

Activities: SALS 10.11. 

"Life is too short to waste it doing nothing. ' 

Zachary St. Paul "S.P." "Zack" 
Activities Jazz Band 11.12. 
"If you live your life by other peoples 
standards, your life is no longer your own. ' 
- Zachary St. Paul 

Casey Rhinehart 

Activities: Soccer 9.10.12; Winter Track 9. 
"You are the handicap you must face. You are 
the one who must choose your place. " 

- James Lane Allen 

Robert Rodrigues "Robby" 
Activities: Soccer 9-12; Tennis 10-12; 
Swimming 11,12; StuCo 9- 1 2; Class Council 9- 
12; ART 10.1 1; Yearbook Committee 12. 
"Be who you are and say what you feel because 
those who mind don 't matter and those who 
matter don't mind. " 

- Dr. Seuss 

Shannon Rhinehart "Shanny" 
Activities: Soccer 9-12; Winter Track 9 
"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, an 
hour, a day, or a year, but eventually it will 
subside and something else will take its place. 
Quitting lasts forever. " 

- Lance Armstrong 
Jessica Seeto 

Activities: StuCo 9-12. Class Council 9-11; 
Asian Club 9-12; Cheerleading 11.12; Clash of 
the Classes 1 1 ; Winter Track 1 0. NHS 1 2; 
Powderpuff 11.12. 

"The most important thing in life is to be happy. 
And nothing else matters. " 

- Audrey Hepburn i ■> 

Our £& ... Oar ( // £ u, ... 

Marsha Semexant 

Roudcha Serizier 

Alex Smolokoff 

Dexter Soares 

Kyle Spearin 

Rockny Stimphil 

Julianne Stowe 

Matthew Sutherland 

Michelle Tan 

Matheus Teixeira 

Jason Toussaint 

Thien Tran 

Marsha Semexant "Sha-Sha" 

Activities: Gymnastics 10; Cheerleading 10. II; 

Class Council 12; Yearbook Committee 12; 

African American Club 10. 

"Nothing in life possesses value except the 

degree of power ■ assuming that life itself is the 

will power. " 

Kyle Spearin 

Activities: Football. Baseball. StuCo. 

"Do unto others, as you would have others done 

unto you. " 

- The Bible 

Michelle Tan 

Activities: Asian Club 9-1 1; Class Council 12. 
"If you have nothing in life but a good friend, 
you 're rich. " 

- Michelle Kwan 


<zRan<Lolpk <J\i<jb Jschoot ' QxacL '09 

Roudcha Serizier "Roosh" "RuRu '"Greatest" 
Activities: StuCo 9.10; French Club 9.10; 
Basketball 9.10; Yearbook Committee 12; 
African American Club 9; Clash of the Classes 

"If you have the opportunity to play this game 
of life you need to appreciate every moment A 
lot of people don 7 appreciate the moment until 
it's passed. " 

-Kanye West 

Rockny Stimphil "Roc" 
Activities: Football 10.12; Basketballl2; 
Baseball 9-12; African American Club 9-12; 
Communications 12; School Store 12; 
Yearbook Committee 12; Journalism Club 12 
"Everyday we wake up and we are given a test: 
to challenge your ability to make a difference in 
the world. The real question is, 'What have you 
done for me lately?'" 

- Rockny Stimphil 

Alex Smolokoff 

Activities: StuCo 9-12; Baseball 9-12; SAC 11. 


"You might've heard I run with a dangerous 

crowd. We ain 't loo pretty, we ain 't too proud. 

We might be laughing a bit too loud. That never 

hurt no one. " 

- Billy Joel 

Julianne Stowe Julie" 

Activities: ART 9.10; Photography Club 

9.1 1.12; Drama 11.12; Mock Trial 10; NHS 10- 


"Promise me \ou 'II always remember: you 're 
braver than you believe, and stronger than you 
seem, and smarter than you think. " 
-A.A. Milne 

Thien Tran "Noocmam" 

Activities Wrestling 11; .Asian Club 10. 1 1 

"Real men cry. 

Jessica Tran Vo 

Dana Tricco 

Hao Trieu 

Bao Truong 

BUI Truong 

Beatie Ultimo 


Luis Vasquez 

Chanisse Vassell 

Cherline Vernet 

Michelle Wallbank 

Karimah Ward 

Heather Wilczynski 

Jessica TranV'o 

Activities: Photography Club; Asian Club; 
Literary Magazine 10; Habitat for Humanities. 
"The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts. " 

- Oscar Wilde. Willy Wonka 

Bill Troung Bill 

Activities: Asian Club 10-12; Class Council 1 1, 

12; Peer Tutoring 1 1.12; Peer Leadership 11; 

Tennis 1 1.12; Math Team 11.12. 

"Genius is 1 9c inspiration and 99% 

perspiration. " 

- Thomas A. Edison 

Dana Tricco 

Activities: GSA 1 1 . 1 2; Anime Club 1 1 , 1 2 
"It's always easier to gel forgiveness than 
permission. " 

- Banksy 

Beatie Ultimo "Beats" 

Activities: Photography Club 12; Robotics 12; 
MVP 9-1 1; Yearbook Committee 12. 
"Love is blind, friendship closes its eyes. " 

Michelle Wallbank "B@>nks" 
Activities: Softball 9-12; Peer Mediation 12. 
"We laughed when they told us we wouldn 't 
want to leave, we cried when they told us we 
had to. " 

Hao Trieu "Haoie" 

Activities. Class Council 9-11; Cross-Country 
10-12; Powderpuff 11.12; StuCo 9-11; 
Swimming 10-12; Spring Track 11.12; Asian 
Club 9.10.12. 

"When you are in love you can t fall asleep 
because reality is better than your dreams. " 
-Dr. Seuss 

Luis Vasquez "L.V." 

Activities: StuCo 1 1.12; Soccer 9.10; Swim 9. 

10; Spanish Club 9. 1 0; Cross-Country 1 2. 

"My momma always said: Life was like a box of 

chocolates. . . you never know what you 're gonna 

get. " 

- Forrest Gump 

Bao Truong "Tommy" "Glober" "Globes' 
Activities: Asian Club 9; Spring Track 10; 
Winter Track 10; Math Team 11. 
"Life is a gamble. Take all the risks and 
chances. " 

- Bao Truong 

Chanisse Vassell "CHA-CHA 
Activities: Soccer 9-1 1; Powderpuff 12. 
"When one door of happiness closes, another 
opens, but often we look so long at the closed 
door that we do not see the one that has been 
opened for us. " 

- Helen Keller 
Heather Wilczynski 

Activities: Mock Trial 10.1 1; Photography Club 
10-12; ART 10-12. 

"It doesn t matter what you believe, just so long 
as you 're sincere. " 

Carl Shultz 



A„ f 



Vivian Wu 

Nancy Zamilus 

Rasheda Hamilton 

Ryan Chandoo 

Vivian Wu 

Activities: Drama Club 12: Asian Club 12 
"Great souls have wills: feeble ones only fan t 
wishes. " 

- Chinese Proverb 

Rasheda Hamilton Sheda" 

Camera Shy Seniors!!! 

Junist Aurelien 
Staisha Badgett 
Louna Bastien 
Karas Billy 
La 'Shee Branch 
Terrance Busch-Lee 
Stephanie Calixte 
Kevin Carney 
Selena Chaney 
Riguer Esperance 

Jean Etienne 

Zachary Furman 

Raphael Ibanez-Ortiz 

Richard Igbani 

Emmanuel Jean 

Britanny Johnson 

Tireake King -White 

Derek Leite 

Sergio Louis 

Chavon Maddrey -Simpson 

Ariana McBride 

Matthew McLeod 

Starr Nathan 

Derek Nye 

Tamasz Olszewki 

Brett Radin 

Moises Ramos Cruz 

Wakeem Reese 

Alissa Reis 

Kimberly Romeus 

Mac-Anthony Sanon 

Stracy Sejour 

Marco Smith Carvajal 

Raoni Teixeira 

Kayla White 

16 ^andotfJi cMiyf, SJtooC O-iadt '09 

r^^sf I n I — -4 

Sunrise : June 1, 1990 
eoce Sunset : June 27, 2007 


We Knew Little 

That Morning 

( lie _J\new Little that moxnLna, 

(fjod ujai aoina to call uoux name, 

Lin Lire. we loued uou deaxLu, 

Dn death we do the iame. 

Dt uxohe out heaxti to Loie uou, 

Ifou did not ao atone; 

jot. bait of ui went with uou 

-Jke dau ^/od catted uou home. 

Uou left ui beautiful memoxiei, 

Ijoux LoL T e Li itill out auide 

c^rnd thouah we cannot iee uou, 

Llou'xe alwaui uu oux iide. 

tUut familu chain i± bxohen, 

czn-nd nothina ieemi the iame; 

Hut ai (fjod caLLi ui one uu one, 

-Jhe chain will Linh aaain. 

byThe Cuthberts 

(Du, Jtfe ... Out njeai 


Ttiese are tile TIMU 

To^e/yHe/yK^eA, ... 






>'*. r#rt\% 



Metfiofies that will 






^ * 





r w 



I mI 







I«t rk 



H m 

n ■ ■ 



1 %t 

.-- . 

Yahoo"' i 



w ■ 



Ht- .'■* 


~JT'# 'J • 






_ * mi/in ■ c 

**.* *s 


^^^^^ ^^^BS 


' "^1 



_*v - ^ 

i ^ 

■ W^ 1 


-*fc3C y 

J\'.„!.Li,t- | i Im /. W 






0JI? 1 

* H *I 

*M , 

1 iT* j W ^ 


-fiC J 

■krt £x?a tl 




* Off* 

e wo one's listen 


r i 

ww*. li/i i ■ i. I> 


i S 



I Oux<y* 

Dancing the Night Away 

Semi-Formal 2008 

/ ^^^ 




I ■ 

1 Mincly K. 

6.Brianna c. 

i i.Rasheda h. 

i6.Blnyam a. 

2 1. Michelle W. 

26.Ricky 1. 

3 1 .Amy N. 

36. Jessica T.\ 

2. Augusta B. 

7.Kathleen H. 

12. Robert R. 

lT.Aniar G. 

22. Jonathan P. 

27Jermy H. 

32. Mabel B. 

37. Gerard M. 

3.Kathy P. 

S.Harry P. 

13. Alex s. 

lS.Rhiannon L. 

23Gabrielle G. 

28. Greg D. 

33. Andrew J. 

38. Brian M 

4Ahir R. 

g.Kimron J. 

14. Mark B. 

l9.Melissa i. 

24. Meghan M. 

29.Bearie I . 

34.Darrell A. 

39.BU1 T. 

S.Grace P. 

L O.Andrew m. 

l S.Brandon D. 

2Q.Sasha G. 

25Shre\ a D. 

30.Paniela B. 

35.Sapphire N. 

40Sha\\n M. 


<J\ J anAoCfJi cMijk School €kadi '09 

guEss O 

1 v ^^Bfc^»^^^^ 





-«» I» 

' !r^ 



1 < TB^ ' 

_ ^ 



B 4, 

.■ ■'*• 

w 1 • 



*-v c 

A oW] 


r &t 




fife 1 



r -* ^\B 




41. Kevin M. 

46Jessica R. 

5 1 Amy T. 

56.Samantha C. 

6l.Rockny S. 

66.Guernsy B. 

71 .Wendy A. 

42.Doreen D. 

47.Chanisse V. 

52. Ruby C. 

57.Anh L. 

62.Hao T. 

67. Randall M. 

72. Jessica S. 

43. Michelle T. 

48. Marsha S. 

53.Bao T. 

58. Kenya B. 

63. Debbie M. 

68.Sarah G. 

73.Tuyet N. 

44. Shannon & Casey R. 

49.Thien T 

54.Giovanny G. 

59.Roudcha S. 

64.Dana T. 

69. Raven vv. 

74.Yosemite R. 

45.Mariah O. 

50. Lindsay P. 

55.McKhelen A. 

60.Tina M. 

<i~ Melanie K. 

7Q.Chris N. 

75.(110 name given) 

76. Heather w. 19 

iDut £ifz ... Qui %ar ... 







N ~ 

.+= CO 

£ 3 

O O) 

N < 

■4— > 

CO fc 

1 .52 co 

o Q 

toKESN^Kii tomBM 

\Hao Trieu 

& Ron Dorleans 



_ \ .<,.Jslfl! ~tujh 






o O 

»• 3 
a> a* 


Best Dan 

P*<. , 



Kim Romi 


34 e\'anJol'filt Jiiyfi tSeSool Gxaeb '09 





'V •$ 


f / 


« .^ 




" wli wll ^w 

\ amwibh 




t/Wd\ur/< W 37 

Dynamic Duo/ 

3K iA ividoibh -7juJi ^. 

M - - 1 



S f 







{Oxadc '09 





hpm, I 

■<■> ii 






ior-l'i m io, 







XlfiSJnatQtuL '09 

6:01 a.m. Kevin! Don't fall 
asleep in class! 


9:05 a.m. Kendrick stop 
distracting Jenny from doing 

5:50 p.m. Mindy and PJ 
are walking in the 
homecoming parade. 

1:05 p.m. The senior hallway!! 
Where are all the seniors?! 

J^anAotpk <^ujb SJiool '£-..■ 

12:26 p.m. Lunch time! Hey PJ 
your lunch looks delicious! 

4:45 p.m. James is 
admiring his masterpiece! 


6:32 p.m. Gerard and Alex have 
so much school spirit!!!! Aren'+ 
you guys cold?... 

r 3 

■ 1 


7:45 a.m. Uh-oh! 
Arriving to class 
late is never a good 

7:12 p.m. Ashley, Tina & Michelle are 
getting ready to play their last 
basketball game! 


Alberta Nalbandian 
Alexandra Rigali 
Allyson Simes 
Alpha Sanford 
Amanda Briggs 
Amani Allen 
Amy Drummey 

Anita Rafferty 
Anita Sung 
Ann Barysh 
Ann Harrington 
Ann Thie 
Barbara Hogan 
Bethany Colburn 

Bhuva Chandramouli 
Brian Cartwright 
Carolyn Williams 
Catherine Bartow 
Charlie Myers 
Cheryl Parsons 
Christian Tuck 

Christine Frietas 
Christopher Crawford 
Churk Lam 
Daniel Bellestri 
Danuta Rudnicki 
Dawn Folan 
Dawn Martens 

Deborah Belyea 
Deborah Bickford 
Deborah Turner 
Diana Felix 
Diane Murphy 
Edward Weiand 
Elaine Stadfeld 

Elizabeth Mahoney 
Ellen Vlieger 
Erica Sacco 
Erin Goita 
Frances Powers 
Francis Morreale 
Galina Gibkheyn 

Gersham Gray 
Gloria Sullivan 
Guy Chicco 
Hui Ning Marsigliano 
Ida Richardson 
Idris Bilal 
Jacqueline Carvey 

i\'.< H ■. - 4 ~ 


James Sayer 

James Wheeler 

Janice Lolli 

Jean Bloechl 

Jeffrey Burke 

Jennifer Cribby 

Jennifer McDonald 

Jennifer Reichers 

Jesse Peno 

Jessica Churchill 

Joanne Foley 

Johanna Guerra 

John Sweeney 

Joseph Cotton 

Judith Gordon 

Julia Rogozin 

Justin Joyce 

Karen Burke 

Karen Clasby 

Karen Resendes 

Karen Richard 

Kathleen Guscori 

Kathleen Kingston 

Kathleen Lovely 

Kathleen Picard 

Kathleen Rea 

Kathleen Smith 

Kathryn Anderson 

Kathryn Kiley 

Katie Holmes 

Kevin Mahoney 

Kimberly Fancher 

Kraig Kupiec 

Kristen Wolfe 

Laura Sullivan 

Lawrie Donovan 

Lee Leshefsky 

Lera Shawxer 

Leroy Brewer 

Lisa Powell 

Lisa Sass 

Lois Barbour 

Loma Tomek 

Lorri Ventura 

Lynn Khosla 

Maria Tilden 

Marie Owens 

Mark Prince 

Mary Brown-Jones 

* II ' T* II - 




Mary Ann Ellis 
Matt Tarvares 
Matthew Young 
Maxine Tull 
Megan Haskell 
Michael Gaynor 
Michael Maher 

Michael McGrath 
Michele Montavon 
Michelle Kelly 
Michelle Ryan 
Mona Rosen 
Natalia Gioni 
Nick Nerboso 

Nicole Scalfani 
Nika Saragian 
Olufemi Akinwunmi 
Pamela Page 
Patricia Buonicon 
Patricia Casey 
Patricia Sinclair 

Patrick Leonard 
Paul Kaplan 
Pierre Fontaine 
Regina O'Neil 
Robert Pillarella 
Robert Visser 
Russell Young 

Ryan Cole 
Sandra El Khoury 
Sandra McFadden 
Shelia Smith 
Stephen Delvecchio 
Steve LeClair 
Susan Feldman 

Susan O'Brien 
Suzanne Vogel 
Tammy Benson 
Tammy Wong 
Tanya Holland 
Tao Ming 
Timothy Cobbett 

iv Hok 
Tobi Elden-Weisberg 
Tresa Papadopoulos 
Virginia Bradbury 
William Lamothe 
William MacDonald 
Woodly Pierre-Louis 



John Ebai 

Misty Woodbury 


Jamie Steinberg 

Cheryl Wrin 

James Brennan 

Nicole Scalfani 

Marie Owens 

Trish O'Meara 

Michele Montavon 

Nick Micozzi 

Fernanda Kray 

Russell Cron 

William Conard 

Cynthia DeCosta 

Wanda Speede 


Trader Si^crfcrtuJcs^^ 


m i 


Me. fterre-Loute & Mr. Kapl 

50tJ\' an JoCfili cMiyh SeL'U Oxu- 

iSM . G\ov\ & Mr. Whealar 


Mr. Cotton & Ms. Stadf aid 


Who's got your back? I got your back! Who's got your back? I got your back! Who's got your back? 







Ricky Igbani, Kyle 
Spearin, Binyam 
Adhanom, Amar 


Andrew Jones, 

Crystopher Jackson, 

Marvin Auguste, Jason 

Touissant, Josue 

Labranche, Kevin 

Aubry, Cliff Orelus, 

Sean Merville Rockney 

Stimphil, Marvin 

Celistine & Darrell 






j^ j ■ \ 






— <? 

v >W. 





Coaches Captains ^ 

Head Coach- Joe Cotton ( from left to ri 9 ht > 

D Coordinator-Peno Rick Y 'a 03 ™ §" 

RB Coacfr-Russell Young K Y le Spearin £ 

Binyam Adhanom 
Amar Gamble 
Who's got your back? I got your back! Who's got your back? I got your back! Who's got your back? 

D - E , pump it up, pump it up! V - 1 , keep it up, keep it up! L - S , wlut up, vvlut up ? R - 

Football Cheerleading 


Senior Captain 

Gabrielle "G-Whale" Gilman ^ 


%J A 


Ms. Patricia Casey 
Ms. Jennifer Reichers 


I 4 § • '.._ 




Gabrielle Gilman, Yosemite Riley, 

Olaedo Ekechukwu, Kathy Phan, 

Rachel Hurwitz, Jenny Huynh, Nora : 

Ghishairi, Tihara O'Brien, Lindsay 

Porper, Sandra Binjour & Jessica 

Seeto , 

D - E , pump it up, pump it up! V - 1 , keep it Lip, keep it up! I - S , wlut up, wkit up? R - ! 


-\'*iubl'/jl'i JiiJi SJutuf OuieCt W 

Powderpuffl Touchdown! 2009\ Powderpuff! Touchdown! 2009\ Powderpuffl Touchdown! 2009! 

Powderpuff o^ 



ft l, IS 


Ob 09 |j 

r 5 -*-v»^ 

1 M 

\*d %Jk JlJ i 

5? \ 1 1 


T **4*>^_^j/ J 

j - 






IF » 



owderpuffl ouchdown! 2009! PowderpufR Touchdown! 2009! Powderpuff! Touchdown! 2009! 

-WmMjif, Jtyfi SJlooi llW] W 


Matt Tavares 


Shannon Rhinehart 

Pamela Butz 


Shannon Rhinenhart 

Casey Rhinehart 

Conilla Mbengam 

Raven Bonaparte-Williams 

Pamela Butz 

Tina Mata 

jf - -jj fl[ 

H -7T **■ * ■ 

H— — v[ 


1^ "^W:"j 

V 8, 

[17 Jj 

1WMHM Ba KflHl VMBfl^f ^M 


F 1 

■V - ' I 

1 j 



■ -xs 

; H*M 


1 '%[&: 

ft — 22 -W 3 V ^ % 4 , 

K 1 


*r ? jJ 


^ ^B 

l ^isw 







//If W 


Eddie Weiend 
Gregor Dodard 
Randall Menard 
Robby Rodrigues 
Godfred Mbengam 
Gregor Dodard 
Randall Menard 
Robby Rodrigues 
Ellis Percy 
Cedrick Azor 
Daniel Barret-Wood 


(n) A sport in which the 

players actually enjoy 

getting hit in the head by 

a ball 

Girls X-Ccuntry 

UU-awv\e>\\ LtfyM^e 

RittaVvwoK LexM\fc<e 

^\'a,ublf>h Jiiyh _V/w/ i! \.. /. W 

Beys X-Country 

Ma^UlcO*/ <S>iA\<er\ai\Jt 


1 y%. 



r ^ 

i rws\ 







Girls Indoor Track 

Robert Pillarella 
Michelle Ryan 

Starr Nathan 
Conilla Mbengam 

.k ^ 


/ , 






<zr\anaoLbh eTTian c~>f 

Boys Indoor Track 

5— o 1 ■ • 1 






1 ^ ^L 


Ellis Percy 
Mckhelen Alcindor 
Gerard McDonald 
Randall Menard 
Emmanuel Jean 
Mark Est remera & 
Leonard Dunn-Gordon 

Girls Easketball 


Caron Coleman 

Michelle Leung 


Cassandra Cardoza 
Michelle Leung 
Ashley Pires 

um iuitn an 









z/\'unJufbfi tMiifi JtcSaof Oiacfe '09 

Boys Basketball 

Russell Young 


Binyam Adhanom 

Amar Gamble 
Crystopher Jackson 
Jason Toussaint 
Binyam Adhanom 
Marco Smith 
Rockney Stimphil 
1 Andrew Jones 
Marvin Auguste 

1 nT 1 

^™ • J^-~ 

^^^^ SBP^** ,^^^L 


BLX3l i 






Donald Do 
Pamela Butz 
Stephanie Binjour 
Robby Rodrigues 


Megan Sharkey 

Pamela Butz 
Robby Rodrigues 
Matthew Sutherland 





*> - > ^ 


Coaches Seniors 

Sean Vickery Cliff Orelus-2151bs 

Ari Joniec Mark Berenguer-1601bs 

" J died, J ecoft. <tfe diode, J score. ' 

-Dan Gable 

_V.«.'4'' -^'/' £<&°°C&"*<& w 

Girls f ennis 



t3*L- sat ts 

i 2MJe$l 



W : '-- 



w &* 

SL. % ■ ■ ■• ■ 

if. * 







Rebeccah MacKinnon 
Laura Gallant 
Jessica Charle 


Rebeccah MacKinnon 

Jim Wheeler 
Julia Rogozin 

Boys Tennis 



Donald Do 
Phu Nguyen 
Vu Trinh 

Jonathan Ridolfi 
Ed Weiand 





Jfanlfyk Jiirf SdootGracL W 67 

Girls Spring Track 

Robert Pillarella 
Michelle Ryan 


Starr Nathan 

Conilla Mbengam 

Pamela Butz 

Boys Spring Track 

. - ~ 




^L .1. / V B 

>» 1 


Iff; *£$•■ 




[x #: 



1 ni 



Randall Menard 
Em ma nuel Jean 
Mark Estremera 
Kevin Aubrey 

\ a ao* 1 " 



\± l krSh^ 


►^ J-.' f -«*■■■ 


f<- d» 




Pro* UUffillB 

fajv J HHHBB 

L MB 1 

^nB^r^^w- ™^i 


** Baseball 

Wit \"~- r i' a? 

h/> / // 

• \m\ 




& 1 ulm'iM/ 


~ t v ~ \ ^^B 

i^ --- - 

.«a **^ — 

- 4kJ* 




1 V 

«< ' BL' " 



Ricky Igbani 
Alex Smolokoff 
Gerard McDonald 

Ricky Igbani 
Alex Smolokoff 
Gerard McDonald 
Kyle Spearin 
Bryan Miranda 
Mark Berenguer 
Matt Beren 

Rick Beach 
Lee Leshefsky 

Jk'u,uL(jJ\ Jluff. ScboCQx, 

eA'amUpf, Jtufi S^ood\ucL W 

- \ f urtdiHfjh cJ*i 


























W 3 



#7 flBV Jfl 


Ion her 





♦ m 

■ I 1 






^ HP* 


■& 'g.1% rt ij* 


rMvk .♦ i 4 



^i lflfc v " T^B ^^M. 

1 " 9^ 



p^li, 1 



.A . 


1 { 1 


] m &. 1 


* «>*&'»♦ 


jfff* r 

•^ J lb* ; 

j) - ' ~^m 



k - 



you never T^Ke <? picfture oF 
something you WcnrtTTo Fo^eT. 

^Randolph '/,.,/■' £ hooti. "■■ 

The Phoenix 

Since 2007, Randolph High School has stopped making a school 

newspaper. Now the Randolph High School newspaper \s being 

"reborn" In 2009. The rebirth is also the reason why the 

newspaper is called, "The Blue & White Phoenix" It was put 

together by these two groups of Journalism students. 

Way to go! ^^ 

^RonAoipk cMujk _ 

Drama Club's Production of. 





^|<as , s'<ac^lus'e■b■bs , |— |ign ocnool \_)vaxr\a (^uild -| — ertivcil zUUV 

O^ate oe m 'n — inalirt 

J i-rt\ 











Kevin Murphy 
Grace Parker 
Melissa Itzkowitz 
Mckhelen Alcindor 
Vicki Trinh 

Backstage Crew 

Jimmy Briggs 
Deena Kanopkin 
Steven Kunevich 
Ryan Hogan 


Sunny Huynh 
Annika Monkarsh 
Nicole Washington 
Loi Huynh 
Hannah Drummey 


Mrs. Holmes 
Mrs. Shawver 


J^anA SJiootOttute '09 

No Problem is a play about five high school students 
struggling to write an english paper describing what 
they are addicted to. Each character reveals a different 
theme including anorexia, alcoholism, shoplifting, 
domestic troubles, and desperation. 

It has been over thirteen years since the RHS drama club 
has gone to state semi-finals for festival. Finally this 
year, an outstanding batch of actors reversed the curse 
and made it possible. Each actor won an acting award, 
and the group won an award for excellence in light 
design, and stage manager's school choice award. 

Mr. James Wheeler 

Random Facts 

Interests: Collecting antiques, going into 

antique shops, restoring old houses, and 


Has a collection of old books and character 
jugs. One character jug is worth about $8,000 

Quote to the Class of 2009 

Bookends Theme 

"Time it was, and what a time it was, it was, 

A time of innocence, a time of confidences, 

Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph, 

Preserve your memories, they're all that's left 


-Simon and Garfunkel 

- Good Luck, Class of 2009. 

Q: What inspired you to become a teacher? 

A: I wanted to be a stand-up comedian. By being a teacher, I can do both. I knew I wanted to do 
something with kids. 

Q: What was your most memorable moment at RHS? 

A: Well, when I got my job at RHS that was my most memorable moment. My mother even lived in 
Randolph and she got excited when she heard. 

Q: Which was your favorite graduating class? 

A: 2009, because it is my class. But if I had to pick another one:1985. I knew the students from North 
Jr. High until it closed. They moved on to High School and I was familiar with them. 

Q: Did you advise/coach any extracurricular activities here at RHS? 

A: Senior class advisor, Floor Teacher, President of Teachers Association in '92 or '93, Freshmen 
Baseball Coach for 10-12 years, Golf Coach in the late 80's, and I started girl's tennis team in 2002. 

Q: What are you plans after you retire? 

A: I don't have any hard fast plans. 

Q: What was the most important lesson that you have taught? 

A: You have to be intelligent and polite; you have to be more than book-smart to make it through life. 
Also, give something back to the community since they already gave you a free education. 

Q: Is there any advice you like to offer to the class of 2009? 

A: Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Never turn back on an opportunity. Be 
an active person. Make things happen for yourself. 


J^anlotfA cHiyll School i \aa[l '09 

Advice for the class of 2009 

"Accept the things you cannot change; 

have courage to change the things you 

can and have the wisdom to know the 



Q: What inspired you to become a teacher? 

A:The desire to make a difference, and the challenge to take on the task. I actually wanted to 
become a physical therapist or a firefighter. 

Q: What was your most memorable moment at RHS? 

A: Frankie, our seven year-old giant goldfish passed on, admist sea of mispoured soap 
bubbles (currently buried in the courtyard). 

Q: Which was your favorite graduating class? 

A: 2009 has the best chance at changing the future. 

Q:Did you advise/coach any extracurricular activities here at RHS? 

A: Coach of Cross Country and Track and Field, Advised Best Buddies, Advised Tomorrow 
Teacher's Club, and Coordinated Pennies for Patients Program. 

Q: What are you plans after you retire? 

A: Enjoy more family time, sample a variety of employment options, challenge myself 
intellectually and spiritually, and reflect on how RHS helped me build character, confidence 
and integrity. 

Q: What was the most important lesson that you have taught? 

A: Whatever you are presented with in life, deal with it, let it go, and move on. Life is too 

•cf\andolph cHiqli <SJil\ 


Q: What inspired you to become a teacher? 

A: Since I was in elementary school I wanted to teach. I enjoyed working with children. It was 
a feeling that grew into a passion. I feel that everyone has a responsibility to do for others. 

Q: What was your most memorable moment at RHS? 

A: I remembered a young woman who had been in my English class, but didn't graduate. 
She came back one afternoon to finish a paper and I helped her after school. She finished 
the paper and graduated. 

Q: What profession would you have chosen had you not become a teacher? 

A: A journalist. 

Q: Did you advise/coach any extracurricular activities here at RHS? 

A: Literary magazine, Poetry Out Loud, Theater plays, Study sessions for high school 
basketball teams, Etiquette class for senior transition. 

Q: What are you plans after you retire? 

A: I would like to spend time with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I want to work at 
a college with student teachers. I want to become involved with a political organization, 
looking at educational issues. 

Q: What was the most important lesson that you have taught? 

A: Students have a responsibility to recognize their intelligence and to use it in ways that 
would benefit themselves and others. 

<z/\ andotbh <zHigh School iDxacl£ '09 


John K.Talcott, Jr. 
General Manager 

Door Control Incorporated 

A Division of Carolina Door Controls. Inc. 
480 So. Main Street 
Randolph. MA 02368-0167 

Main Office: 1-800-341-2400 

Tel: 781-963-0182 

Fax: 781-986-1551 

Email: jtalcott© 

S .fl 

Ouck Savin, Extreme Value, Complete Satisfaction 




FRX: 781-9B>en8 


Randolph School Committee 

Extends Best Wishes And 


The Class of 2009 

Marybeth Nearen, Vice Chair 

Tamara Pitts 

Paul Meoni, Chair 

Larry Azer 

Sharon Swain 

etfanJotfJi tJtiglt JScHool 'iD-uds 'l 1 ^ 91 


Congrat u lati ons 
On Your 




From Your Friends At 

SRoche Bros. 

Sudbury Farms 




Congratulations Michelle, 

f *9* 

Great Job! 
We Love You!! 

,L * 

Richie, Kate, 

BJ ^^ '^. 

Mom and Dad. 

" M ^L 



Congratulations Zachary St. Paul, 

Good Luck In College. 

You made us proud. 

Love, Mom, Dad & Michelle. 


I am proud of you! 

beet wishes, 


Congratulations Samantha! 

We are so proud of you! 

Keep Shining! 

Love, Mama, Bill, Ashley & LiT Sam 


Congratulations on your 

achievements, Michelle. 

Good luck In college and study 

love Mom, Pad & Eric. 

c^ondofyd c^iyh SJiooL Otaete '09 




Yctj *tvnx ^Ceo/ 

VV Wtl <^ER3tRP 9 



We are so proud 

of you, 



Atom & taenia 

94 e/tanJoCfA cMigtt SJiool £W/i '09 








Dear Lu/'s, 

Vou are tf?e w/nd beneath my wings. You make the sun 
shine when skies are gray. You are my shinning star. 
So first off, I want to thank you for everything, for the 
rides, for the pleasures and fun, for the laughters and 
brownies, for the greatest surprise and taking the long 
way home. But most of all, thank you for being such a 
magnificent friend. I love you.... more or less., jkf 

- Samuel Chege 

P.S I failed Physics because of you. ..thanks. 

My Success, This is to the Best Friend that I have ever had. 
I would like to dedicate my diploma as well as any of my future success to her. I consider myself 
lucky and successful already just to have her by my side giving me all the support in the world. Over 
the past year she has saved me from the damaging future that I was heading into. She has set such 
high goals for herself and she is my motivation to be prosperous in my coming years. Being how she 
is such a significant part of my life, I can respectfully say that she is an important aspect of anything 
good that happens to me from here on out. To my ride or die, My lucky charm, To Honor J. This one 

goes out to you. Thank You, For Everything. 
-Luis Vasquez 

Dedico mi Diploma a ti Mami por el esfuerzo que hiciste, te agradezco toda tu ayuda y carino, has 

estado a mi lado desde el dia que me diste a luz (mayo 31, 1991) y estuviste para cambiar mis 

panales de dia y noche. ho dedico a ti Papi, listed me ha ayudado con muchas cosas en mi vida. Me 

enseno todo lo necesario para ser la persona que soy hoy en dia y me enseno como ser un hombre. 

Con la ayuda de ustedes dos logre graduarme del colegio. Estoy en el camino para empezar mi vida 

como adulto y lo debo todo a ustedes. Gracias por todo, lo aprecio mucho y dedico mi diploma a 

ustedes, Mis Padres. 
-Luis Vasquez 

My ho pong yos! Tony, Brandon, Amy, Jessica & 
Jenny. You are the socks to my feet. The sand on 
my beach. You make my eyes twinkle whenever I 
see you. You are the friends that I am happy to 
leave high school with and eventually buy a house 
together in the future. Then I'll hate you guys 
forever :D 

-Sapphire Nguyen 

cJ^anidfA cHiyH cSJiool Oi 



We would like to thank the yearbook committee and everyone for working so hard on 

the yearbook. We've spent so many hours, days and weeks working to create this 

yearbook. We would also like to thank our three wonderful advisors. First off, thank 

you to Mr. Kaplan for working very hard on managing the financial side and making 

sure that we had an yearbook. Secondly, we would like to thank Mr. Joyce and Ms. 

Felix for working so hard to make sure that our yearbook looks the best! We've have 

had so many great memories as well as stressful situations that we overcame. You guys 

are truly amazing for dedicating so much time to help us with our yearbook, thank you! 


The Editors, 

Melanie Kwong, Mariah Olivenza & Sapphire Nguyen. 

I lie 2009 (lass Offlclers would like to congratulate the class of 2009 for all the 
accomplisliments achieved! Good Luck with everything, we wish everyone the besll 

Pamela Bui/. President 
Anh Le, Vice President 



Rebeuah Ma< kinnon. Treasurer 
Melanie Kwong, Representative 

To our beautiful daugther, Tina Kaory! 

Good luck in your future. 

We will always love you. 

You've made us proud\ 

Lowe, Mami y Papi. 

96 <J?anJo£pA Jiigk <£JiocL i 

"» '7 




Congratulations to 

the Class of 2009